The online betting world can be intimidating for new and existing punters in quest of the most valuable sports bets. With terms like Fractional, Decimal and American odds, punters may start to feel overwhelmed with the numerous terms and their associated values flooding the online world of sports betting platforms.

Locating the very best betting odds for wagering on cricket etc. is easy and straightforward, once you understand each set of odds and their value system.

All the Odds

All odds have one commonality; they represent the potential return on investment and the likelihood of that investment to pay out. With a multiplicity of odds and value structures online, we break down the most common odds structures here for you, so that you can locate the best betting odds.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are easily recognizable as a decimal number represents them. These types of odds are some of the easiest odds to understand within betting practices.

For example, 5.0 decimal odds at a $1 stake will yield a return of $5 on a winning bet. Similarly decimal odds at 10.0 will yield a return of $10 at a $1 stake, if the bet wins.

American Odds

American odds can seem tricky at first glance, especially with + and – symbols scattered all over the screen. These types of odds just require a little bit of practice to get used to, once you see the formula they are easy and straightforward to navigate.

A – number indicates the amount you must bet to make a $100 profit, while a  + number informs you on the potential profit you stand to make from a $100 bet.

For example: American odds of –250. This simply means that you will have to bet $250 to win $100 in profit.

Online Wagering Odds

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds, also known as U.K odds, are most often used within the United Kingdom and Ireland. Fractional odds were originally used in horse racing and as such, they are the oldest form of odds representation.

Fractional odds are simple and straightforward and once you have the hang of them, you will never forget them. All Fractional odds are fraction formed representations of odds. This means that all these types of odds have two numbers, a denominator and a numerator.

The denominator or number to the right i.e. the second number is the amount to bet. The numerator, or first number on the left in the fractional odd represents the potential return on investment.

For example if you wager on a sports bet with fractional odds of 10/15: For every $150 wagered, potential net profit would be $100. Should your bet win, your original stake of $150 will be returned to you along with your profit.

Source the Best Odds

There are simply no tricks or shortcuts for locating the best odds in sports wagering like in the FIFA Cup betting. With the Internet and the multiplicity of competition within the sports betting industry, locating the best odds is a matter of shopping around. Punters should make use of handy discussion boards and player forums, which are helpful tools that will help you, locate the best sports betting sites offering lucrative odds.

Placing valuable bets through a keen understanding of the betting discipline or through acquired knowledge that one can practice is also one of the best ways to lay wagers on more valuable bets. Once you have applied knowledge, acquired through experience you can begin to root for underdogs, which may just shock you with the odds offered on the team.