Sleepy Hollow slot by Amaya has nine paylines and five reels for the player to enjoy and boasts a comic cartoon style with a dark colour palate that emphasises this slot’s creepy and nightmarish theme. The legend of sleepy hollow is set in 1790 in the small town of Tarrytown, New York. This town has long been known to be haunted, and there is a mysterious and dark presence that seems to hang around both the city and its inhabitants.

There are many thoughts about why the area is so haunted, but no one can seem to pin the reason down exactly. The most terrifying ghost in town is the Headless Horseman. This character is a Hessian soldier who had his head blown off in a battle that happened in the distant past. At night, this headless specter rides on his giant horse looking for his lost head. This ghastly character, along with other key elements of the story, are presented in this spooky slot.

The background of this slot is dominated by a massive white full moon that sits above a haunting scene. To the right of the reels, an old dead tree stands with its empty branches hanging low. To the left of the reel, several gravestones pop out of the ground with yet another dead tree standing tall over them. The ground is black and covered in a thick blue mist. The name of the slot is written above the reels in a blood red script with a red eyed raven perched on the top right corner. The player can also see the paylines up and down the right and left side of the reels. They are marked in various colours.

Below the reels, the player can see various bits of information and ways to adjust their betting. The first is the player’s bet displayed on a tombstone. This can be adjusted up or down via the buttons above and below the amount. The paytable, lined bet, bet and the amount the player is better per spin is also displayed. There is also an autospin feature that allows the player to select the number of times they want the game to autospin the reels for them. Finally, the spin button is located in the bottom right corner and is written in the same blood red font as the title at the top.

Sleepy Hollow Slot Symbols

The symbols in game closely follow the story of Sleepy Hollow. Along with these story related symbols, the player will see the familiar symbols of queen, king and ace. The story symbols include a headless horseman on his steed, a child’s toy with a red bird on it, a scientific instrument, a headless torso with a red shirt and with a blue shirt that has “bonus” written in green, an orange jack o’lantern, a man in a blue suit with the word bonus written in yellow, and a white moon.

Bonus Features

In order to have a great time by activating the bonus multipliers in this slot, the player must utilise the bonus symbols. If they get three matching bonus symbols on reels that are located next to each other, they will activate this feature. This bonus feature is one of the keys to winning big with this slot.