The world of eSports has been growing, and so too has the world of eSports Betting. An eSports tournament itself is a video gaming tournament, and bettors can put money on the performances and results of these just as they can with events in real life.

These virtual gaming events are contested by professional teams, and their betting options are considered a major industry development that is set to get even bigger. To get an idea of what it’s all about, read on for the results of the major eSports events for 2015 and 2016.

Starcraft 2 World Championship Results 2015

The Starcraft 2 World Championships for 2016 will be held in September, with major events in South Korea, North Korea and Europe, which should give some indication of how big this tournament is.

The title went to Korean team sOs in 2015, and came with a prize of more than $100.000.00 from a total prize pool of $245,000,000.00. The full purse for all of the events that are involved with the World Championship was actually more than $1.6 million.

League of Legends World Championship Results

A Korean team took top honours here in 2015 as well, with SK Telecom T1 becoming the first 2-time winners of the League of Legends World Championship Series. Beating the KOO Tigers by 3 to 1 earned the team $1 million, while the second place prize was $250,000.00 for the KOO Tigers.

These cricket betting games took place in October 2015, with the finals on 31 October, while this 2016’s are scheduled to take off in September.

Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Results 2016

The 2016 Showdown has already been contested, on 20 and 21 August, and was hosted by ESL. The prize pool was $100,000.00, and all the action went down in Cologne, Germany.

The final saw the Rogue and REUNITED teams go head to head, with Rogue coming out on top with a 3 to 1 score. REUNITED, in second place, claimed 420,000, while Rogue took home $40,000.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Results 2020

The winner of the eSports Game of the year in 2015 was Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and the ESL Online Cologne Tournament 2016 was completely dedicated to this game. It was held in Cologne, Germany between 5 and 10 July.

Team SK Gaming won the event for the second time in a row, beating Team Liquid with a best of 3 win. This was done with victories on the Train and Cobblestone levels, with scores of 16-7 and 16-6 respectively.

2020 Results for Dota 2, The International

Dota 2, The International is an eSports tournament that is usually held in Seattle, in the KeyArena. The event ran for a week in 2016, from Monday 8 August to Saturday 13 August.

The Wings Gaming team took the title, beating DC 3 to 1, to claim a prize of more than $9.1 million. The total prize pool for the tournament was over $20 million, the biggest in eSports history to date.

The growing prizes for eSport athletes and the international nature of the competitions is a reflection of how much they are developing, and eSports Betting enthusiasts should expect to see a lot more from this market.