Multi-Way Day of the Dead Slot Online

This is a rather unique slot game from IGT, one of the larger online game developers, as it combines a rather cartoonish Mexican theme with the Multi-Way system rather than a standard pay line one. This means that rather than the columns of reels the setup resembles more of a hexagonal structure, and consists a whopping 720 different ways to win. This may not be the most recent of developments in the industry but the result is quite compelling and as an option of slot it makes for a nice change.

Day of the Dead is the English name that Mexico calls Halloween, written in Spanish as Dia de Muertos. This means that the theme of this slot game incorporates aspects of both the Mexican culture as well as the scary Halloween spookiness. Despite the interesting theme and different pay line system the game still needs a few bonus features to make it appealing in the long term as players ultimately want a few surprises in store as they spin, and one that make the winning all the more apparent is just perfect for the cause. The free spins in this Day of the Dead slot game are Wilds, Scatters and a fun free spins feature.

The Theme of Dead in this Slot

The Day of the Dead and Halloween alike are times to celebrate the scary aspects of life, and whilst the tradition has a rather more instrumental origin the way it is perceived today has become more of a time for fun than fear. This is the way the theme has been portrayed in this best pokies app game, more fun and excitement than general scare factor, with the action from the Mexican part of this theme coalescing with this overall atmosphere. On top of this some Mexican Mariachi music play in the background with perhaps a slightly darker undertone to accommodate the theme of Halloween into the sound effects.

The symbols on the reels are the real aspects that provide the theme’s portrayal, and with a Multi-Way system like the one employed here, these reels actually look quite exciting. The particular symbols adorned on the hexagonal reels include Mexican tambourines, skulls and other Halloween affiliated imagery.

The Spooky Bonus Features in this Slot

The first feature to mention here is the Multi-Way Xtra system included in this Day of the Dead slot. Here players are not just rewarded for completing combinations on the unique reels, they also get additional multipliers added to this overall win based on the permutations of said combination. With 720 different ways to win these permutations actually get quite high and can make even a smaller win quite sizeable. This feature does require a minimum bet to activate though.

The Wild in this game is the Coffin Cookie which can substitute for the other symbols in the game to form additional wins on the reels. Land 5 bonus symbols on 5 different reels in Day of the Dead slot game and it triggers 8 free spins for each winning combination hit during the triggering spin. This can be up to 96 free spins which makes it quite the lucrative bonus feature.