There is hardly a casino on the planet that does not have a roulette wheel. From its flashy presentation, to its easily graspable rules, everyone knows how to play, and most Australian gamblers have given it a shot, even if only to see what all the fuss is about. In real world casinos, however, the popularity of the game can be its downfall.

Since so many people wish to play, it can be difficult to find a space at a table, meaning you may travel far to not even get chance. Thankfully, you may now play roulette online, meaning that there will always be a space, no matter how many players there are. To get online roulette, simply download a casino application, make an account, and get playing.

Why Play Online Roulette?

Online roulette is identical to its real world version in every way. The rules are the same, presentation the same, and betting options the same. The only difference is that in an online casino, there is space for everyone that wishes to play, all the time. Simply log on to your favourite online casino, and you can be betting in seconds. Also, depending which online casinoyou play at, there may even be bonus features never seen at a real world casino.

Online casinos are happy to give out bonuses, tweak the rules for more excitement, and add a whole lot of digital flash that is impossible in the real world. Classic roulette, however, is always an option and always available, for those who like to stick to the rules the game was intended to be played with.

Can a Digital Roulette Wheel be Real?

There is some controversy as to whether a digital roulette wheel behaves in the same fashion as a real roulette wheel. There are many factors involved in what makes the ball land in one pocket or another, and some argue this can never be recreated in the digital world. Anything from temperature, to the type of materials used may influence real world objects, and this is simply not recreated in an online casino.

Some online casinos simply use random number generators, while others have an actual digital 3D model. Although sophisticated, this 3D model is said to not be a one hundred percent accurate representation. If this factor bothers you, it may be best to stick to real world casinos. Others, however, have no problem accepting this digital version.

European versus American Roulette

If you know roulette, you know that there is a big difference between the American and European version. Namely; the chances of winning at European roulette are significantly higher. In real world casinos, the American version is often adopted as the standard, with no chance of even seeing a European roulette wheel.

At online casinos, the European version is offered more frequently, granting players an advantage. Which online casinos do and don’t offer the European version is not definite, and a player may have to do some looking around. If it is offered, however, there is no question as to whether this option should be taken.