The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the NFL or Nation al Football league. With a host of grueling games featuring big hits and stunning spiraling passes, culminating into the final Super Bowl Sunday sporting event. The Super Bowl is a tradition amongst a massive following of fans, drawing millions of spectators who tune into football at its best and a commercial overdose from the factory of advertisements.

All major Super Bowl enthusiasts will understand the game of football to be a sport based on consistency and discipline. Punters from Canada eager to lay wagers on the Super Bowl sports betting market will be eager to learn that from time to time the game breaks its own rules and top teams sprouting through the rankings can be upset by underdogs, keen for a bone on the day.

History Of The Super Bowl

The final or Super Bowl Sunday was created as part of a merger agreement between the NFL and rival league the AFL or American Football League. Initially the two top teams from each league would do battle on the football field in order to play for bragging rights to the World Championship Game. This continued until the merger between the two teams was official in 1970.

Once the official merger of the two leagues took place, each league was then renamed and designated under a different category, known from then on forward as a conference. The Championship has since been played between the conference champions in order to determine the NFL league champion.

Various Super Bowl Upsets

Punters from Canada already wagering on the Super Bowl or any sport will understand the importance and research that goes into placing valuable bets. The most valuable Super Bowl bets are researched thoroughly, with stats that have to be pulled assessing a teams past, present and future through keen observations such as substitutions, injuries and upcoming bans.

With this in mind and the fact that football works like any other team sport, where the team that shows dominance consistently and from early on,  is the team with a greater chance of securing a victory at final event.

The following Super Bowl upsets are where underdogs have won the Super Bowl main event from right under the favourite Super Bowl sons.

Super Bowl XVIII

Defending Super Bowl Champions, The Washington Redskins had just come out of the 1983 NFL regular season with a thumping record of 14-2. All sights were set on the Redskins for Super Bowl XVIII but the Los Angeles Raiders had other ideas for the contest.

Los Angeles running back Marcus Allen posted a record 191 rushing yards in the game. Scoring two touchdowns, one from a 74 yard run, he sealed the Raiders in the record books as underdog winners of Super Bowl XVIII.

Super Bowl XXXII

Green Bay at an eleven-point favourite to beat the Denver Broncos and claim another Super Bowl Championship win, were bitterly disappointed and shut down by the Denver Broncos, as the Broncos stormed their way through Green Bay. Ending the game on a high and score line of 31 to 24, with just 1:45 left on the clock.

Super Bowl XLVIII

The first Sunday of 2014 was a complete whitewash when the Seahawks bulldozed over the Denver Broncos. Stealing their lunch and licking the bone in front of their faces, right from the very first scrimmage of the game. The Seahawks put the Broncos to shame and annihilated them 43 to 8 as the final whistle blew.

With these examples serving as proof that underdogs can win the Super Bowl, causing major upsets and reinventing the game. Punters from Canada opting for Super Bowl online betting NZ action should consider backing viable underdogs that have the potential to flip the game around on the favourites heads.